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Celebrate Bricktober at Toys R Us

October 5, 2009


This month a Toys R Us (at least in the US) they are having a fun promotion. Certain LEGO sets are 30% off , which is always nice. πŸ™‚ Of course since TRU is always a little bit more than the suggested retail price its more like 20%. All of the other LEGO is 15% (see picture below) till October 10th.

TRU Oct Ad

Part of the promotion is free collectible bricks that you get — one per person per week — with purchase of a LEGO set. That’s what the top picture shows, the first brick. When you get all four bricks it makes a picture. The back of the brick says “Bricktober Week 1.” My only “complaint” with this promo is that I have to go back to Toys R Us each week and buy another set to get all four bricks. It will probably boost LEGO sales at TRU, but my wallet will be lighter. πŸ˜‰