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Micro Skull Mountain

October 17, 2009

Skull Mountain 1

My small entry in the Pillage the Village II: The Calm After the Storm. When I read that the small entry was a 8×8 stud max my first natural thought was Micro — which apparently no one had tried before. 😐

Here’s the story behind the MOC (My Own Creation)

After surviving twenty long years on the high seas, three mutinies (two of them he instigated), and being stranded on a desert island five times Captain Brickbeard has decided to retire and give up his life of plundering and pillaging — well semi-retire, you can never have enough plundering in your life. 😉

So to fund his retirement Brickbeard takes his "loyal" crew to Skull Mountain, a location known only to him, to retrieve his ill gotten gains.

Many have tried to find Skull Mountain and a few have even succeeded. Yet none have been able to possess the mounds of gold and treasure that lies within the heart of the mountain. All who have tried have met a grisly fate.

For Skull Mountain is also the home of a colony Gigantic Man-eating Spiders that owe their allegiance to Brickbeard. He alone can quell their man-eating tendencies and safely trespass on their land.

Brickbeard plans to load his fleet with the gold and leave all but his most trusted men to the fate of the Spiders.

The Spiders themselves have other plans however. They have begun to think of the gold and jewels as theirs.

The Storm may have passed, but for Brickbeard, another may soon be on the horizon . . .

Skull Mountain 4

It was a little tricky to make the Micro ships. The “X” 1×1 tiles were a perfect substitution for the Jolly Roger but I had to wrack my brain a bit to figure out the masts. It was a fun quick build. 😀