New Gagets at LEGOLAND



If you’ve been looking for the offical LEGO MP3 players, radios, and CD players and haven’t found them they are now available at LEGOLAND California. You can also see the prices.

Now that I’ve finally seen them in person they are okay, but frankly, I’d rather spend the money on actual LEGO than these. I’ve found as I have gotten older that I’m not as interested in everything LEGO.

I mean, I like the product, but I don’t need all of my gadgets, kitchenware, and bedding to reflect my love of the brick. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that either.) πŸ˜‰


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2 Responses to “New Gagets at LEGOLAND”

  1. LegoMyMamma Says:

    Yeah, some kids and parents are LEGO decor junkies … it’s a Lifestyle πŸ˜‰

    I’ll be back in a minute, I’ve got to make sure the bed’s comforter has its LEGO logo facing the right direction …

  2. Bruce Says:

    I could see the radio being cool decor in a kid’s room, but in general I agree. I do think they missed the boat on having these have system studs so you could build up your own creation around them. Like those frames they had a few years ago where you built a little scene around your photo.

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