It’s Coming — The Pirate Advent Calendar Review


Pirate Advent Calendar Review

For all of you who remember last year I posted the daily set of the Castle Advent Calendar so that those who didn’t get a chance to get it themselves might at least see what each door held. Also to make it more interesting I wrote a little story to go along with it to explain why each set came in that order. 🙂

So once again I am diving into this year’s offering — the new Pirate Advent Calendar.

I have to send a great big thanks to my friend CopMike of Eurobricks fame for sending me a set — since once again this set was not available in the States! (An over sight that I hope the LEGO company will not make next year).

Check back on December 1st and see what adventure awaits us . . . 😉

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    Dear Author !
    The charming message

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