The Pirate Advent Calendar Review — Day 8


Pirate Advent Calendar Day 8

Since they are already conveniently within sight of the island in the map Captain Brickbeard and Janey Blackheart board their trusty raft to reach landfall. A raft may seem a strange choice. Why not a dingy you might ask.

Although Brickbeard trusts most of his men, something this important can’t be talked about until the map’s been followed and whatever it leads too hidden away for safekeeping. Years ago Brickbeard had a thought of securing a raft just out side the window of his quarters. It merely looks like part of the ship until it is cleverly detached and lowered into the water.

Climbing down an equally hidden ladder Brickbeard and Janey slip away while the men think they are having an all day meeting in the cabin. Brickbeard has ordered his men to not disturb him, even for meals until the meeting is done. Only one other knows of their deceit and he guards the door with his life.


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