LEGO Build Together : House TV Commercial


A while back a friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that he was heading to London to do a “super secret” project. Oh, did I mention that he is a LEGO Master Builder from the Connecticut Model Shop?

Well once this commercial aired he was able to finally post pictures and I instantly recognized this retro classic commercial I’d seen the night before. This shows all the reasons I got into LEGO in the first place — building for the pure joy of it, the spontaneous crazy additions that seem perfectly fine when your 6, and making making something totally awesome. 😉

I loved the commercial from the moment I saw it and the fact that I know the actual builder makes it even better. 😀


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3 Responses to “LEGO Build Together : House TV Commercial”

  1. Latonia Owens Says:

    I loved the Lego House commercial!!! Can you please email me your house design plans. Also which legos and how many were used.

  2. Tommy Says:

    I like the design can you tell me where you get those Lego at?

  3. builders london Says:

    Hello, I read your new stuff regularly. Your writing
    style is witty, keep it up!

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