Next wave of 2010 LEGO Board Games


Although we in the States still haven’t gotten our hands on the first wave of LEGO Board games thanks to legomilk of we get a chance to see what is coming in 2010.

From the looks of things this next wave looks pretty promising. “Shave a Sheep” seems like a strange concept, but that won’t stop me from considering to get it. 😉

Actually the one that looks the coolest to me is “Pirate Plank.” I love the concept! And the captain with the “gaint” minifig hat and the “sharks” in the water made me smile. 🙂

I really hope that these come to the US. You can join the discussion at


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4 Responses to “Next wave of 2010 LEGO Board Games”

  1. l0b0t Says:

    I don’t suppose we will ever get the minnifigs on the box art released? The 2 fellows playing Shave A Sheep are fantastic, flat cap, sideburns, and overhauls or fedora and cool mustache; they would both be welcome additions to my Town denizens.

  2. Sljiva milos Says:

    hey i would like to try this lego boxes sis brother sallow one few days ago it was so funny.

  3. gamesonline Says:

    good articles . I am waiting for the next articles 😀

  4. New LEGO Games on the horizon « Modelbuildingsecrets's Weblog Says:

    […] both the prior wave yet to be released here in the States and this one to look forward to, I can see lots of LEGO games […]

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