The Pirate Advent Calendar Review — Day 18


Pirate Advent Calendar Day 18

After fruitlessly trying to shoot down the rats in the supply stores, Lieutenant Tye Co decides to go restock his gunpowder in the weapons room.

Atop one of the gun racks he finds a pair shackles. What are they doing there? And why is a second pair along with a sword lying on the ground? Both Commander Block and Lieutenant Co drill the men on discipline and orderliness. Things just strewn about is highly irregular.

He will have to speak to his men on keeping Fort Mega tidy. After all, a tidy fort is a happy fort. 😀


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One Response to “The Pirate Advent Calendar Review — Day 18”

  1. Jase Wells Says:

    Nice background! Fort Mega looks like Fort Point in San Francisco (a favorite place of mine), but I suppose it could be any one of many similar forts from that era.

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