Building In Love


Marta's Gift (Complete)

This is the main gift I gave my wife this Christmas, and it’s the reason I haven’t been building much lately.

I started designing this thing back in September. It’s got three free-standing statues and instruction books for each one.

The “I” statute has 5 mini-vignettes (4×4) that are scenes from our time together – starting at our first “real” date, through the wedding, and concluding with the purchase of our first house.

The “heart” statue is just a big heart with me in the middle. It includes a balcony with flowers and a cat watching a bird.

The “U” has her name on it, with her minifig in the middle. The front has banners representing her magnificance; and the top of the “U” is crowned with the two main characters from her favorite book / musical (Wicked) – Elphaba and Glinda.

Marta loved it, and she spent all Christmas eve putting it together, and even woke up real early on Christmas morning to finish it up.

I built the model in MLCAD, ordered all the parts (7 orders from different vendors) on Bricklink, did a test assembly to check instructions, modified the instructions based on how it worked in-the-brick, then printed out the instructions on a nice printer in a book format.

Nathan aka “The Gandpappy” created this sweet custom model with instructions for his wife for Christmas.

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