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Eti’s Got Game

January 2, 2010

Well, actually Erik Eti Smit has made a game for his kids. 😉

Although I still have yet to see the new LEGO Board Games here in the States, over in Europe they’ve now been out for months. Apparently the actual games are “a little too tricky for three year-olds,” so Erik created his own that was much easier for the little ones to understand. This second attempt is a little more elaborate, but with the same concept — get your guy to the goal.

I love how the game starts with the figures all tucked up in bed at the hotel

Then they have a picnic

They have to travel through the woods

Traverse the bathtub that is filled with actual water

Then travel on the boat to the island and try to be the first to reach the mountain summit

The way you get through all these obstacles is by rolling the dice and whatever color you land on you move to the next space of that color.

Frankly, I think this looks like a much more fun game than the official ones, but of course I haven’t played any — at least not yet — so I can’t make a fair assessment until I do. But that will have to wait until I get a few of the LEGO Board Games for myself. 😉

Great job Erik for coming up with such a clever game!