Hello Kitty


Like many little and not so little girls I’ve been a Sanrio fan for years. Car_mp, apparently one of the Hispabrick Magazine editors, created this model as a gift for his niece. Although Hello Kitty hasn’t officially been licensed by LEGO one of the Asian off brands has her.

I thought about buying it when I saw it at the Asian stores, but I couldn’t justify paying $6 for an inferior product so I decided to create my own with LEGO parts.

LEGO Hello Kitty

Now I love Hello Kitty just as much as anyone, but my sister and I have a theory that she is secretly taking over the world and that her fuzzy cuteness is just a cover. Just a thought. 😉


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One Response to “Hello Kitty”

  1. Minifig Fun Says:

    oh how I wish Hello Kitty was licensed by Lego! I love Hello Kitty. A while back ago I bought a few of the Hello Kitty Mega Bloks sets. I hate Mega Bloks but bought them just for Hello Kitty. Definitely an inferior brand.

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