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Beyond the Ball

January 13, 2010

Well it took me way longer than I thought, but I’ve finally completed my second unofficial LEGO instruction book Beyond the Ball. It is a sequel to my first book How to Build a Round Ball with Square Bricks! This book shows you how to make more organic shapes than just a simple sphere. There are three models — an Egg, Hot Air Balloon, and Watermelon. Through these three models you can get a better understanding of both sculptural shape and color design. The book is 150 pages (mainly because of the step-by-step instructions), costs $29.95, and is available on my website.

Not that all my books will build (pun intended 😉 ) upon each other. As a former Master Model Designer, I have many tips and techniques I have yet to explore and explain. Putting out Beyond the Ball is a great milestone for me. It has been a long struggle to get this book finished especially with my personal trials this past year.

I don’t plan on taking so long to get my third book out. Yes, there is a third and a forth book, etc., etc. I have many, many books in the planning stages. This is just the beginning. 🙂