Atlantis 2010 Summer Sets


Like I mentioned in my last post, all kinds of new sets are starting to be seen online. The next wave of Atlantis sets is already starting to come ashore. (Bad pun I know) 😉

Atlantis 8076 Deep Sea Striker

Naga Warrior

Atlantis 8080 Undersea Explorer mouse-snake

Atlantis 8080 Undersea Explorer

The new minifigure looks cool, I’m not as sold on the new sets themselves, they seem to look a lot like so many older sets with just a few new parts. I’m still hoping for an actual City of Atlantis type set. I guess we will just have to wait and see. 🙂

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One Response to “Atlantis 2010 Summer Sets”

  1. Jase Says:

    Call me old-school, but it seems like a lot of these new sets have too many big and specialized parts. Feels less and less like LEGO.

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