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NXT powered Airbus A380

January 26, 2010

RyanMugs has created this jaw-dropping Airbus complete with a very busy interior.

Now remember, it’s NTX powered too.

I used a Mindsensors 8 servo motor breakout card as well as 6 hitechnic sensors.
I hooked the NXT up via bluetooth using mindsqualls .net and wrote a simple touchscreen program to control all the functions.

Functions are:
Front landing gear door (hitechnic servo)
Front landing gear (NXT motor)
Two rear landing gear dorrs (hitechnic servo)
Both landing gears powered by one NXT motor.
Front Cargo Door (hitechnic servo)
Airbrakes on wing (Hitechnic servo)
Landing flaps (NXT motor)
tail fin an rear wing (hitechnic servo)
Engines (power functions with IR remote)
Landing lights (power functions lights)

Being as I am very tech illiterate, I don’t really know exactly how he did it, even with his explanation. πŸ˜‰

You can’t really appreciate the size until you see last week’s Australian Brickvention crowd around it.

You can see more of the plane interior on his Flickr photostream and join the forum discussion on Eurobricks.

Great job Ryan! πŸ™‚