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BrickJournal — There’s an app for that!

February 4, 2010

Now BrickJournal is as mobile as you are.

BrickJournal Mobile is an app that has all the feeds to BrickJournal Magazine’s resources on the web, including podcasts and the BrickJournal website, allowing LEGO fans to keep up with the latest news and events that are happening in the LEGO community! Links go to BrickJournal’s site, photo archive, blog and video podcasts!

Although I’m not tech savvy enough to actually use apps (mainly because I don’t own an ipod, iphone, or any other equipment starting with “i” 😀 ) I’m excited that BrickJournal is moving further into the 21st century.

I’m also excited for the next issue of BrickJournal that focuses on all things LEGO Disney. There is even an article by Erik Varszegi and Dan Steininger, two of the Master Model Designers in the Enfield, Connecticut Model Shop. You can find out what else is in this issue at