Doctor Mobius’ Cloud Moth


I posted last year the work in progress of Doctor Mobius’s Mantis made for the Battle Bugs display at BrickCon 09. Well now Jason (aka Doctor Mobius) has created a Cloud Moth for Battle Bugs latest challenge Bred for War.

The only thing more epic than the model is the description:

The MDF SB-17 “Cloud Moth” is the Mars Defense Force’s first battle bug designed to project force to other plants. It is designed with a jump drive for FTL travel, Ion Engines for high speed realspace missions, and scramjets for atmospheric missions making it able to complete a wide variety of attack missions.

The Cloud Moth’s scramjets are unique to space fighters of it’s class. While it’s Ion engines are more than capable of propelling it through the atmosphere at supersonic speeds, engaging the jets allows for much greater fuel efficiency as well as cutting the craft’s active flight emissions by 95%. It’s wide wingspan allows it to use only it’s jets in even the thinnest of atmospheres. . .

This is just a third of it! If you would like to read the whole thing, click the picture. 😉

My first thought when I saw this was of Godzilla’s arch-nemesis Mothra. 😀


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