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Collectible Minifigure Series 2

February 7, 2010

Although we have yet to see the first wave of these Collectible Minifigures which are set to be available in June, the first images of the Series 2 are already showing up thanks to the Toy Fairs. Proceed drooling now — 😀

This is by no means an official list but it does mention a couple more figures you can’t see in the picture:

– female lifeguard (Baywatch minifig)
– vampire
– judo fighter (with a great detail: a mini-trophy that looks like a mini-figure)
– Mexican with Sombrero
– 70s like guy with black curly hair
– witch
– Pharaoh
– Roman (or Greek) soldier
– surfer
– guy with skis
– female singer
– weightlifter
– thief
– ringmaster

One assortment contains 60 figures. Each assortment is planned to contain all 16 figures, but there may be 10 of a certain figure and only 3 of another.

Series one is supposed to be out in June as we all know, the second series in September will be packed in blue bags by the way.

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These Collectible Minifigures are making me excited about minifigs again. And all the fun new elements that these figures have makes me even more excited! 🙂