LEGO Star Wars 2010 Slave 1


One new set that is high on my list is the new 2010 LEGO Star Wars Slave 1

Now considering that I have all of the past versions of Slave 1 including the rather lame 2000 version and the Japan exclusive mini I don’t really need another Slave 1. But the color scheme along with the Minifigure assortment has pulled me back in.

Bossk, a newly designed Boba Fett, and my ultimate favorite an actual Han in Carbonite are the definate selling points to me. Ah heck, who am I kidding, its all about the Han in Carbonite. 😀

Instead of the really lame 1x2x5 brick with a printed on Han this set has a poor tortured Han locked forever in a plastic mold. And the greatest thing is that the normal Han fits inside his carbonite coffin, smirking all the while.

To be honest I’ve lost interest in Star Wars in general over the years. Clone Wars just can’t get my interest. I can hear the gasps from here.

This set just might be my return to long ago in a galaxy far, far away. . .

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5 Responses to “LEGO Star Wars 2010 Slave 1”

  1. George Corn Says:

    !!! i want a han solo in carbonite!!

  2. James Says:

    I must say I am surprised that the excellent run of Clone Wars episodes we’ve been getting haven’t been able to pull you in. Those three episodes we had before Christmas were freakishly cool. Who doesn’t love a little zombie action?

    But, anyways. For the set, I really think that is one of the best Star Wars figs we’ve seen. Maybe not worth the price of the set, but still awesome.

  3. Drew Says:

    I have to agree with you. I’m a huge LEGO fan, and love the Star Wars sets, but over the past few years because they keep re-releasing the same sets over and over I have lost some interest.

    They always get me going when they announce the newest UCS set. Those are always must haves. I’m with you on this Slave I though too. I have the one from a few years back tied with Ep. II, which is a nice build. I like the scheme here, but the decision comes down to purchasing the set just for a few new minifigures and different color scheme.

  4. Athos Says:

    Tortured Han, indeed. They took off him arms and put them in upside down… I liked the original just fine…

  5. stopactionstudios Says:

    I so want this!!!!

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