Sabota S-16, “The Death Ring”


Although Nannan already posted this on the Brothers Brick I still feel this deserved a mention here.

Nannan is known for his unusual construction techniques and over the top models. In fact he is the one who created the building style of Black Fantasy.

I love the way he used stretcher hoses to create the shape of the dome.

And the story behind it, although dark is pretty cool too:

In the Second Galactic War, the Centuri Worlds constructed massive ringed colonies to specialize for the war effort. Among the few dozen that existed, one in particular acquired notoriety above all others. Sabota was a mining facility to extract resources from a derelict artifact dated around the destruction of Earth. However, its workers soon fell ill within the mines. A decision was made to import POWs to substitute for the labor. Things did not go well for them. In the mines surrounding the biospheres, few lived past six months and none survived for more than a year. For this, Sabota acquired the infamous name “The Death Ring.” The mere mention of it will bring most new captives into cooperation, for the notion of being sent to The Sabota Death Ring meant a certain and most agonizing demise.

Great job Nannan! 😀


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One Response to “Sabota S-16, “The Death Ring””

  1. Nannan Says:

    Thanks Mariann!

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