It looks like LEGO City finally has more than just firemen and police. 🙂 A French website has images of a new LEGO house that will be available in August.

It is fair in the area of LEGO City, and the whole family involved in the house. The dog runs into the garden, while the little boy’s skateboard and climbs into the cabin in the tree. Contains 3 figures and many details: a barbecue, a mailbox, a lamp …

From what I can see there is a furnished interior, a barbecue, and even a tree house. Apparently minifigs are Eco-friendly because they also have solar panels on the roof. 😀

It’s about time LEGO did something like this. I don’t know why if its called LEGO City there aren’t more City type things like stores, schools, etc. Maybe they are going in a new direction. I sure hope so, with the Collectible Minifigures and sets like this LEGO has a bright future ahead. 😉

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9 Responses to “8403 LEGO CITY HOUSE”

  1. Tiffeny Says:


  2. Matt Says:

    Hey, I think at Eurobricks the login session key is stored in the URL, so when I followed your link to the discussion, which included the session, I was logged in as you, and accidentally posted in there as you. I logged out and I think that ended the session, so it should be fine now, but I would go ahead and change the links anyways just to be safe.

  3. Lisa Astrup Says:

    What a nice house, with nice minifigs I want this house 😀

  4. a guy Says:

    i saw this set at target yesterday

  5. nicksbricks Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the stickers on the skateboard and…the house itself!! I’m going to need more road plates…


    P.S. Please visit my blog.

  6. hjjh Says:

    I’m getting this set at the Lego store today. This set rocks!

  7. hjjh Says:

    This is the best Lego house ever!

  8. nicksbricks Says:

    I own it!!

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