Stickers are for wimps


That’s whatL.D.M.’s photo description says for this image:

For those of you who don’t know Maersk is a shipping company out of Denmark. 2004 was the one an only time that there was a Maersk Sealand cargo ship widely available but the history of the LEGO/Maersk partnership goes back decades.

LEGO Maersk blue is one of those rarer element colors that until the Sealand set could only be used in quantity by the LEGO Model Shops (the Washington DC Capital Building for example). As most of the sets were not commercially available and in smaller production, Maersk bricks can range from less than a dollar to hundreds of dollars on Bricklink.

What is ironic is that although L.D.M.’s model reference’s Maersk, the bricks he used to make the distinctive logo are not in fact Maersk blue. Instead he used Medium Blue cheese slopes that at the moment are only available in one set. 😉

Regardless of what colors he used or what its for, L.D.M.’s model is a great example of using cheese slopes in a LEGO mosaic model. 😀


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3 Responses to “Stickers are for wimps”

  1. L.D.M. Says:

    Cool, thanks for the post! What’s ironic is that I don’t own a single part in Maersk blue.

    I’m going to CA over Brickworld weekend this month — don’t know if I’ll be near Legoland or not yet. 🙂

  2. John Says:

    OMG I love Maersk blue! You’re right though, it’s very expensive. However, it’s cheap enough to feed my obsession for all things Danish – where Maersk+Lego=an almost unrivalled level of Danishness 😀

    I saw that Maersk container ship on eBay once for £250 😮

  3. nicksbricks Says:

    Nice creation.

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