World’s Largest LEGO Minifigure


Recently in the Netherlands they built the World’s Tallest LEGO Tower. As part of the event they asked Robert of Amazing Brick Creations to design a the World’s Largest LEGO Minifig.

During the World’s Largest LEGO tower Event June 2010 held in Limmen children also build their own World Record: World’s Largest LEGO mini figure. This so called Dutch Flower Girl is build using around 135.500 LEGO bricks. She is 3,648 m tall and weight 300+ kg!
821 Children, 100+ parents, teachers and many volunteers helped building.

I was actually involved in the planning, if from very far away. That’s why I love the internet, you can connect with people all over the world. 😀

Robert contacted me because although he has experience building, he had never designed or built something so large, plus he didn’t know how to plan a building event. As I have done both designing in large scale and building events, I was able to help him through a series of emails to plan it out.

From the looks of the video it came out great. Congrats to Robert and all the people involved in this event! 🙂

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