LEGOLAND California’s Waterpark



The world’s first LEGOLAND waterpark opened up last Thursday to the public. Being as my friend Bill Vollbrecht designed it, I wanted to see how the real thing compared to the concept model.

Now don’t let the gray sky fool you, here in Southern California we have what is called “June Gloom” all along the San Diego coast. The temperature was actually pleasant for the most part, although just a tad chilly with the ocean breezes. šŸ˜‰


The kids I saw in the water looked like they were having fun. šŸ˜€

It does look like they aren’t completely finished with everything yet. Some of the giant gears on the main tower were still laying on the ground and the main waterfall wasn’t working yet.


The build-a-raft inter tubes were not yet available, although a park employee told me that they do have 20 that they just got in and will get more later on.

There are 4 large waterslides, 3 mini waterslides, a lazy river, and even a mini lazy river for the kids.
As my interest naturally turned to the LEGO models on display, I had to check them out. I really like the Duplo figures. There were also some giant 6 feet tall LEGO Minifigures

Its an up-charge of $10, which if you are already paying $244 (general park entrance) for a family of four I guess it’s not too bad for the $40 extra. That is one of the downsides, you can’t visit only the waterpark. Unlike Sealife, which has a separate entrance, the waterpark is inside LEGOLAND. For kids this is a nice addition and another excuse to get wet. There are two other, smaller water play areas in LEGOLAND — Pirate Shores and Duplo Playtown — that are completely free.

My general impression is that its small but cute. I might check out the slides when the weather is warmer, but most likely not until the summer crowds are gone. It wasn’t very busy when I visited, but with only 4 large slides I can see long lines and lots of wet, cranky children on the busiest days.

It is a nice expansion of the LEGOLAND resort, and I definitely can see that it will be popular. I just don’t like how expensive theme parks in general are getting. šŸ˜


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