Monster’s Micro Star Wars


Matt “Monsterbrick” Armstrong is known for his unconventional building styles and his new micro Star Wars scenes are simply adorable! Even though its micro, you can clearly tell what scenes he’s made.

The only thing that might be a tad “taboo” is Yoda’s head. Its a cut down flower stem. But as it is a fairly common part and it works so well, I don’t really see a problem with it though.

Matt will have these models and several others on display at this weekend’s LEGOLAND Star Wars Days.


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5 Responses to “Monster’s Micro Star Wars”

  1. Mark Says:

    Very clever and creative, and I love the Landspeeder. But I agree with you on the modded pieces — I don’t consider it true LEGO building if the bricks are cut or otherwise modified.

  2. monsterbrick Says:

    thanx Marianne…to mark, poo doo on yoo….maybe its not really painting unless you use oils……or not really sculpture unless you use marble….or not really words unless you use rhymes…

  3. Mark Says:

    I always thought that with LEGO, the idea is to make something out of the bricks they give you, without resorting to brick modification. It’s just my opinion, and I still think your pieces are very good.

  4. monsterbrick Says:

    my thoughts are that if you mod a brick it can become more useful, thanx for the kudos anywho’s.

  5. Captain Rick Says:

    Looks awesome! Makes me wanna tabletop roleplay!

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