LEGOLAND Star Wars Days 2010



This weekend is fun and full for me. I was at LEGOLAND yesterday and will be back again today to help out with the SANDlug/LUGOLA display at Star Wars Days.

I added my own contribution of the Dagobah Swamp with a little help from my friend Tiffeny Thompson who brought her X-wing and Yoda hut set along to finish the scene.


One of my favorites was the CubeDudes Jabba’s Palace made by Master Model Builder Joel Baker and friends.

And here’s what Matt Armstrong’s Micro Star Wars scenes looks like all together

There are many more pictures at my Flickr photostream and I’ll be taking more today. But for now I’ve got to go and get to LEGOLAND for the final day of Star Wars Days. 🙂


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One Response to “LEGOLAND Star Wars Days 2010”

  1. ryan Says:

    Joel’s a Model Designer, not builder

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