10216 Winter Village Bakery


It may be a little early for Christmas, it is still August after all, but this newest Winter set is worthy of talking about early. As a the sequel to last year’s Winter Toy Shop series it is a nice follow up.

I like the cute bakery and the ice skating pond is fun, even if the kid in the snowbank looks a little funny.

It looks like this will be available around October, but no news on the price point. It will probably be about the cost of the Toy Shop ($60 USD). From what I’ve heard the idea is to eventually have an entire Christmas LEGO village like Department 54. That is a cool idea, if a little pricey per set. But then so are the Department 54 ones. 😉


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One Response to “10216 Winter Village Bakery”

  1. grogall Says:

    Ages 12+
    687 pieces
    US $ 54.99 UK £ 49.99 DE 54.99 € CA $74.99

    [color=”#FF8C00″]Return to yesteryear with this festive holiday scene![/color]

    It’s a winter wonderland in this snow-covered little town! A special-delivery evergreen, all ready for decorating,
    arrives at the tree-seller’s stand by horse-drawn cart, while ice skaters frolic on the frozen pond with colorful lights
    and a curious owl perched overhead. Just look out for the freshly-shoveled snow piles – one skater has already tumbled in head-first!
    At the bakery nearby, the friendly baker prepares delicious holiday treats in his oven and rings up sales at the cash register.
    Push the glowing LEGO Power Functions brick to fill the building with warm interior light! Includes 7 ½ minifigures, snow owl, horse and lots of winter accessories.

    [b]• Includes 7 ½ minifigures as well as a snow owl and horse!
    • Features LEGO Power Functions light-up brick which lights the interior of the bakery when you push it!
    • Includes lots of fun winter accessories like a dark blue minifigure hood with new fur print!
    • Prepare holiday treats and ring up sales at the cash register!
    • Skate on the frozen pond made of 8×8 transparent blue plates!
    • Interesting elements include a camera, tan baguettes, croissants, green apple, 8×8 transparent blue plates, medium blue tiles and even a new ‘caramel’ color for several brick and arch elements outside the bakery!
    • Features an evergreen tree for decorating, tree seller’s stand and even a horse-drawn cart!
    • Bakery measures 7″ (18 cm) wide!
    • Completed model (depending on space allocated between the individual parts) measures 16″ (40 cm) wide, 12″ (30 cm) deep and 7″ (18 cm) high![/b]

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