Miniland Inception


Inception, "Level 2"

Inception, “Level 2”

Inception may just about be the best action/adventure movie that I have seen in 20 years. It’s like The Matrix, James Bond, Dreamscape, and Minority Report, all rolled into a big meaty ball and dipped in a syrupy Hans Zimmer soundtrack. The movie is absorbing and complex (for an action flick) and keeps you engaged to the very final frame.

When I saw the movie Inception I too was blown away by the special effects, especially in this scene. Iain Heath created this Miniland version a while ago, but I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet.

In a way I’m actually kind of glad I did, as he has “rebooted” it so that it is more LEGO-like. 🙂

Inception (reboot)

And why did Iain reboot it? Because Alex Eylar created his own version after seeing Iain’s.



And the coolest thing? Both Alex and Iain’s versions were recently featured on

So it was a case of a movie inspiring a model, inspiring another model, inspiring the first model. Kind of like a dream within a dream. Very appropriate considering the source of inspiration. 😉


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