BrickCon 2010


Anybody Excited? Photo by Adam Hally

There is only about a month before BrickCon 2010 starts and just about two weeks left to register online as an attendee.

Now is the time to register for BrickCon 2010. This year’s Theme is “Tales of the Brick!” Build your Tale and tell (and show) it to the world!

We return to the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and have added the Rainier Room (Northwest Rooms) to our venue space. We’ll be using the Rainier Room (6,000 sq ft) for all of our Convention Activities including the Thursday Meet and Greet and our General Assemblies, seminars and contests.

Registering now will guarantee you’ll receive a customized engraved name badge you can wear proudly to the entire three day (four if you count Thursday – and we do!) event. Included with your registration will be a great Goody Bag, a Free Luncheon on Friday. And, if you’re old enough, you can attend our Thursday Meet and Greet get together where mixed drinks, beer and wine will be available ($4 per drink – cash only) along with free Mexican fare (snacks).

BrickCon 2010 now has three definitions of Attendee:

Adult (21+)($65) – For our Thursday Night Meet-and-Greet, where alcohol will be available and under 21’s will not be allowed.
Adult (18-21)($60) – All other AFOLs
Teen (13-18)($60) – TFOLs – TFOL Registrations cannot be purchased separately and require a second registration of a Parent/Guardian, (Adult 21+ $65)
We recommend that children under 14 attend BrickCon as guests at our Public Exhibition. Although there are some activities younger persons may enjoy, most of our Convention events are meant for more mature persons, primarily adults.

If you procrastinate too long, September 15th is the “deadline”, we cannot guarantee the terrific Goody Bag and custom badge. Registration will close September 28th. Then registration will only be at the door at the Exhibition Hall

I am still not sure if I’ll be attending this year, although I’m really hoping to. When I attended in 2008 I had a wonderful time and made lots of new friends.

If you are on the fence about going, my recommendation — go! Seattle is lovely, the AFOL’s are great, and there are all kinds of fun events to join in. 🙂


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