Preparing for BrickCon 2010


So I finished and shipped off my current project. Sorry I can’t talk about it quite yet, but as soon as I can I will make a post about it. πŸ˜‰

BrickCon is only a few more days away and I still have so very much to do! Packing my models, books, and clothes of course. πŸ˜€

For all of those who are going, I look forward to seeing you in person. For those that aren’t going, depending on internet availability I will be keeping you as posted as possible.

This will be my second time at BrickCon. I missed it last year, but I plan to make up for it this year. As my third LEGO convention this year, I’ll have to see what fun awaits me this time.

I’ve found that each LEGO Con has a different feel and vibe. Bricks by the Bay is still finding its groove, it was brand new this year after all. BrickWorld is huge, but efficient. It was fun, but a little too large for my personal liking. BrickCon seemed more laid back than other LEGO Cons when I went to it 2 years ago.

The sad thing is that I won’t have anything really new this year. At first I wasn’t planning on going at all, so I didn’t get anything ready, and by the time I knew that I was going I had a big project that I was working on so it was too late. 😦

But never the less, going is better than not going so I’ll have to console myself with that.

For those of you who are going I will be doing two presentations — One on Architecture and one on LEGO Sculpture. Yet, another thing I have to get ready. I will also have my books and keychains for sale, but I won’t have a vendor table so you will have to find me if you want anything. Ah well, I guess I better get started packing. . .


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2 Responses to “Preparing for BrickCon 2010”

  1. Joey Kelly (jojoguy10) Says:

    I’LL BE THERE! This will be the first year I’ve been, so I’m hoping itll be as fun as I hear it is πŸ˜€


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