BrickCon has begun!


Photo credit: Joe Meno

Although the opening ceremony doesn’t start until today, set up of BrickCon started yesterday. We also picked up our goody bags and as you can see, its pretty cool. The cup cooler, although you can’t see it, has the BrickCon logo on it. We also got a really nice figure and prototype pack from BrickArms and we all got a collectible minifig (I got a series 1, Joe got a series 2).

Unfortunately I haven’t snapped any pictures of my own, which is why I am borrowing some from Joe Meno. The main reason I didn’t do any picture taking was that my Golden Gate Bridge did not make the trip too well. I think they must have tossed my rather heavy, LEGO filled bag around like crazy to get it so beat up. What should have taken half an hour took at least four if not five hours to put together.

I did meet in person finally some very nice people that I’ve only known online. That is always the benefit of a LEGO Con. The models I’ve seen so far are pretty cool! I will be posting pics of my own hopefully tonight, although that might not happen as we are going to the Scratch and Dent sale at the LEGO store.

Photo credit: Joe Meno

Well, BrickCon officially is about to start, so I’ll get back to you with details and pics. 🙂

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