Series 3 Collectible Minifigures Available Now!


On the heels of predicting to my friend yesterday that we’d be seeing the Series 3 LEGO Collectible Minifigures soon Hillel Cooperman has already gotten his hands on some!

Not only that, but its no surprise they are already starting to show up on Ebay as well (for ridiculous prices I might add).

As promised by LEGO, there are no barcodes on the back 😦

No word on if there is some other “secret” way of telling which figure is which without opening the bag. At least for me the “feel” method is faster anyways than either the barcode scan or the barcodes printed out so I don’t mind too much. 😉

We’ll all have to keep our eyes on the look out now, but I also heard directly from LEGO representatives that there will be a much larger supply of cases available for series 3, 4, and 5. So hopefully more people will get them. Now if only LEGO would just tell us what they were, it would be a lot better for everyone.

I know the whole point is that they are supposed to be a surprise, but for all us diehard AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) fans out there, we’ll get them all regardless. And the whole “guessing” aspect of it is just plain stupid in my opinion.

Ah well, I’ll most likely buy a case myself again anyways. At least with that “method” I’m guaranteed to get at least three sets.


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5 Responses to “Series 3 Collectible Minifigures Available Now!”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    Guaranteed three full sets? Not so fast, there. I bought a sealed box of S2 minifigs and only got _two_ Spartans. Six cops, five Lion Tamers, but only two Spartans.

    • Mariann Asanuma Says:

      Sorry to hear that, but every person I’ve talked to that have gotten a sealed case have gotten the same count.

      • Purple Dave Says:

        Bryan Bonahoom had me sort through two sealed boxes of S1 minifigs for Brickworld (anyone who won a set, I give you my personal guarantee that I handed Bryan six complete sets of 16 S1 minifigs which I triple-checked against a barcode sheet for accuracy). I also sorted through two sealed boxes at a TRU in the Detroit area (they couldn’t even figure out what people were asking about until I showed up looking for them and could describe how big/what color the display boxes should be), and bought one box that was open but appeared untouched. One of the BW boxes had Ninjas shortpacked, while the other four did not. The sortation may be fairly consistent, but it’s not 100% perfect every time. Then again, I have a weird history with mispacked sets, like my UCS X-Wing that was short one 1×1 round plate (searched for half an hour and never found it), a Vakama that had an extra firestaff, at least two TECHNIC R2-D2’s where I got the wrong angle-connectors (and was told by Consumer Affairs that the set wasn’t even out yet when I called for a replacement part), an Indiana Jones set where I got Anakin’s head instead of Indy’s, and a Catwoman set where I got a second copy of the sticker sheet. And that’s just the stuff I was able to confirm and can remember right now.

      • Purple Dave Says:

        As a follow-up, I just finished sorting a sealed, didn’t-quite-make-it-out-to-the-shelf box of S3 minifigs, and here’s the results:

        4x Pilot
        5x Mummy
        2x Fisherman
        3x Snowboarder
        4x Samurai
        5x Racecar Driver
        3x Cyborg
        5x Sumo Wrestler
        3x Hula Girl
        4x Gorilla
        4x Baseball Player
        4x Tennis Player
        3x Elf
        3x Rapper
        3x Indian Chief
        5x Alien

        Yes, again, only two Fishermen (at least it wasn’t the Elf this time). Also, that dot-code list is missing some dots. I can positively identify a fourth dot on the Baseball Player, where the code list only shows three. Sometimes the dots are easier to identify from the front, and in this case the fourth dot is located at the base of the “M” in Minifigures.

  2. James Says:

    The samurai is cool but my favortie was the rapper. My least favorite is the sumo guy because he not really fat like the real sumos. The dots are really hard to find and yes, the “feel ” is the best way to find what you need. I get most of mine at trades. Its an easy way becuase you can trade with your friends.

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