Series 3 Code has been cracked


Leave it to obsessed AFOLs to figure out the code for the different Collectible Minifigure Series 3 figures. Apparently there are these raised dots at the bottom of the packages that are different for each figure. The “secret” code was figured out by that guy on

Series 3 Minifigures Code 1

And too make it a little easier to tell where the bumps are Rick Therouxa has made a cheat sheet:

Collectible Figs Series 3 Dot-code

Collectible Figs Series 3 Dot-code

PLEASE NOTE: The gorilla apparently does not have dots, but instead is a “weird melted look.” Not sure what that means, but I guess you can distinguish it that way.

Based on THIS.

The bags have unique patters of raised dots along the bottom. I tried to reproduce the pattern the best I could tell from the pictures.

The Indian Chief and Samurai have very similar dot patters. I expect those to be the hardest to identify in-store.

And as a teaser, here’s a picture of all the figures:
minfigs 3

I still say that it will be easier to just feel the bags, but hey do what works for you. 😉


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2 Responses to “Series 3 Code has been cracked”

  1. lady_bricker Says:

    with the chief’s headdress, at that point seems like it would be easy to i.d. by feel!

  2. max Says:

    some shopkeper didn’t let me to choose what bag i want, so this is romania , ha ha, you just buy and get something you dont like, i search for the elf, cant wait serie 5 to get the dwarf

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