Quorra from Tron Legacy


Quorra from "Tron Legacy"

Iain Heath certainly has his own unique style when it comes to LEGO building. Here is yet another good example, Quorra from the new Tron Legacy movie.

This model represents something of a new direction for me, technique wise. I am trying to get away from my trademark “2X miniland” scale characters, and most of my major projects going forward are going to be at this somewhat larger (1ft) scale. I’m still working the ‘formula’, but this style should enable me to create much more detailed and lifelike characters.

Quorra from "Tron Legacy"

It was very heartening to see a stronger female character in this version (compared to the original), so I couldn’t resist modelling her in Lego!

The head alone for this model required around 50 bricks and 4 hours effort.

I look forward to seeing more of these new, larger Ochre Jelly creations. 😉


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