Victory for LEGO Zim!


Invader Zim 1
I was recently commissioned to make Invader Zim, a sadly too short lived cartoon on Nickelodeon. He was a bit of a challenge simply because of how he is drawn. As a two dimensional cartoon his overly large head and small spindly limbs are comical and cute. But creating an appropriate LEGO version posed a problem.

He’s so top heavy, he can’t even stand without being connected to a large flat plate. Plus, it doesn’t help that his head is also pushed forward, making him even more top heavy!

Invader Zim 4

Then on top of that, he’s in rarer colors that don’t come in a lot of elements. But despite the challenges, it was a fun build that took me about 2-3 hours to create. The mouth has black stickers to create the zig zag of his teeth.

Invader Zim 3

To make it less fragile for the future owner, I put some steel rods in the legs and the neck so that the head and legs wouldn’t break off. Even so, his arms and especially his antennas are still very delicate.

Now of course I have to make Gir too . . . 😀


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