LEGO Build Together


LEGO Build Together

I went to the movies a few days ago and I was given this when I left (it probably had something to do with the fact that I was wearing a LEGO Christmas shirt 😉 ). The front (top) has head, hat, and hair stickers. The back (bottom) is where you put the assembled face for the dad and his son on their road trip through your imagination.

I’m still not sure what its about other than that it links to

Welcome to the LEGO Build Together website!

You’re about to take an exciting Road Trip through your imagination, where you can play a game, unlock achievements, vote in polls, earn Road Trip tokens, buy virtual souvenirs, and share the fun!

So start exploring now — and happy travels!

I’ve gone on the site, played the mini game and clicked on a few of the destinations (Air Museum, Brick Beat Records, to name a few). Some of the locations have mini model instructions, there is a mini game at the Arcade (big surprise 😀 )

Oh, and here’s the commercial for it:

If you like mini models its pretty cool and the images are cute.

Its definitely worth a look. 😉

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One Response to “LEGO Build Together”

  1. J.P. Manalo Says:

    The advertisement looks very similar to a campaign that LEGO ran during football (Rugby League) games here in New South Wales, Australia.

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