LEGO Pac Man


LEGO Pac Man Earrings 1
I thought I’d go on a bit of a retro blast from the past, so I created these earrings for my Etsy shop.

But then I thought, you can’t have Pac Man without his eternal, ever regenerating enemies the Ghosts so I sat down an thought okay, well how do I best create them?  Obviously the scale would have to be different though.


So then I started from scratch and came up with these:

Blinky 3Inky 1

But then of course the earring version of Pac Man was too small and I needed a larger one so I created this:
Pac Man and Ghosts

You can find both the earrings and the keychains on my Folded Fancy Creations Etsy Shop.

Now I’m thinking I need to make the whole gameboard. 😀


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