Would brick roses smell as sweet?


Yellow Quartet of Roses 1

Recently I created some small flower bouquets. It may be a little early for Valentine’s Day, but even so, its better to be early rather than late. 😉

The yellow rosebuds are the same as the roses I created for Max Harris last year only in a different color.

I was asked to create a smaller bouquet, but then I was asked if I could make open roses. This was the result:
Open Rose Bouquet 1

Open Rose Bouquet 2

I’m still not sure if I’m 100% happy with these, but they are the closest I’ve come so far. They are a little small at only two inches wide so now the challenge is if I can build a slightly larger rose with the same feel.


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5 Responses to “Would brick roses smell as sweet?”

  1. kristyn c Says:

    OMG… those are awesome! do you sell those in your etsy shop?

  2. Inspired Roses « Modelbuildingsecrets's Weblog Says:

    […] LEGO Certified Professional, created this wonderful box of LEGO roses for a VIP. He was inspired by my LEGO rose design and added his own spin to […]

  3. A Rose is a Rose, except when it isn’t « Modelbuildingsecrets's Weblog Says:

    […] seen LEGO roses before, heck, I’ve even built some but Barbara Werth’s rose is the first time I’ve seen minifig capes as […]

  4. Anita Says:

    Hello I am looking to buy a leggo red rose bouquet, can you help please?

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