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Mini Neverland

May 2, 2011

Now I normally try not to repost something that’s already been on Brother’s Brick for the simple reason that you most likely look at both blogs anyways. But when I saw Rod Gillies micro scale Neverland Island from Peter Pan I just had to post it too.


Part of the reason I love this model is because it has always been a dream model of mine to create a full minifig scale version of Neverland ever since I saw the miniature version on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland.

Flying over Neverland on Peter Pan's Flight

It’s not like I couldn’t do it mind you, I’ve thought about it and even how I would do it. Heck, they even have the mermaids for the Mermaid Lagoon now. But its more a matter of time than anything else. If I were to create a full scale version of it, the model would have to be at least 4-6 feet wide and 3-4 feet tall. I would naturally include all the well known scenes such as Tiger Lily’s capture, the Lost Boy’s Treehouse, and the Captain Hook’s pirate ship. But that would take a lot of time and space I don’t have for such a project at the moment. So I guess I’ll just have to keep dreaming and enjoy Rod’s model instead. 😉