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A.B.S. Snorter and his Lego brick sorter

May 19, 2011

I don’t know how I missed this model by Tyler Clites. Being a big Dr. Seuss I certainly would have blogged it sooner if I had. I certainly wish I had one of these to help me in my LEGO room.

A.B.S. Snorter and his Lego brick sorter

A.B.S. Snorter and his Lego brick sorter,
Will suck up your bricks and do other neat tricks.
He’ll place them in bins with nothing but grins,
And sort them by color for only a dollar.
But be careful my friend with the money you spend,
For if it is A.B.S. Snorter you decide to employ,
He may run away with your most precious toy.

This model totally captures the feel of a Dr. Seuss device and yet is still all LEGO. I can almost see the arms moving and the vacuum sucking up the unsorted parts. 🙂