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LEGO Brick Calendar

May 27, 2011

I went to LEGOLAND Calfornia yesterday to pick up bricks for my WIP that I mentioned in the last post. When I was up at the Club House one of the retail associates was stocking the shelves with new product and knowing my love of all things LEGO she showed me the fresh out of the box LEGO Brick Calendar.

Brick Calendar 6

This is one of those rare sets that isn’t leaked onto the internet 6 months before its released. In fact, if you type in brick calendar you get the off brand that came out last year.

And your eyes are not deceiving you, I didn’t just put the Collectible Minifigure Series 1 cheerleader there to taunt you. Both the cheerleader and the skateboarder are part of the set! 😀

Brick Calendar 4

What really sold me on this set was all the lovely printed bricks! Think of all the applications for the numbered 1-31 bricks. 😉
Brick Calendar 5

The set cost $16.99 and I don’t know where this will be available other than LEGOLAND. My guess is that all the LEGO stores will have it, at least here in the US. But as this is the first time I’ve seen it, who knows. I know I’m already thinking about purchasing multiples of this set, just because it can be so much more than a calendar.

I’ve done a full review on if your interested in reading even more about this very cool set.