New BrickForge Prototypes


This last weekend at BrickWorld, Armothe of was kind enough to share several new prototypes that will soon be available for purchase. πŸ˜€

BrickForge 1
There are lots of new bottle designs, a martini glass, beakers, and even a spill (or splat as I like to call it).

BrickForge 2
BrickForge also has a new printed Vespa, along with a new gem, and new laser beams. And most exciting of all — 1×1 round tiles!!!!!!!

BrickForge 3
For now, all of these items will only be available in transparent colors, although Armothe himself told me that he is already getting requests for solid colors as well. Please remember these are prototypes, so the final products might be slightly different from the ones seen here.

I certainly look forward to placing my order and I suggest you do the same. πŸ˜‰

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14 Responses to “New BrickForge Prototypes”

  1. New items from Brickforge revealed! Says:

    […] There are also prototypes of a new armor, helmets, laser-beams, gems, and a host of other cool stuff. For more pictures check out Mariann’s website; Model Building Secrets! […]

  2. TheBrickBlogger Says:

    Totally sweet! I can’t wait for the glassware! πŸ˜€

  3. Tom Says:

    Glassware Glassware I want the GLASSWARE!!!!!!!

  4. Harry Houdini Says:

    Ive seen the transclear bottle. it is okay but the lego one is much clearer seethrough. they loook pretty the same in shape but legos has a shipshape picture on it.

  5. Max Says:

    I cant wait

  6. Danny Says:


  7. delta38 Says:

    odst ftw, i want odst in bley,or dk bley, that would be awesome.

  8. Ivan Says:

    Hell yes the ODST!!

  9. kaleb Says:

    When will they be up for sale?

  10. Jett Says:

    I think these items are cool

  11. Jett Says:

    what odst

  12. ShadowCapo Says:

    this stuff is pretty cool, but im gonna figure out how to design legos myself, probably with resin plastic.

  13. Big Red One Says:

    Molotov Cocktails!

  14. F0NIX Says:

    The “splatter” / spill have to come in blood-red ofcourse! πŸ™‚

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