Building Bracing 101


Building Bracing 1

It may look like a mess of colored beams, and in a way that is exactly what this is. What you are seeing is the internal bracing for my current project. The model has a unique design where the bottom floor has only a few angled pillars to hold up a whole section of the building. And of course the ceiling isn’t flat, that would be too easy. 😉

The first floor ceiling is both curved and angled making it even more complicated. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to the first floor ceiling at all, as it usually can’t be seen. But because of yet another feature — the fact that the bottom of the building walls are also curvy — you can actually see that section of the ceiling very well. So I had to build it. 🙂

Bottom Ceiling 1

Its already pretty strong, but once I’m done with all the bracing the whole building will be rock solid. Although this model is being glued, any one can use this bracing technique on their own buildings. By using interlocking plates in a criss-cross pattern you can brace any building.


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5 Responses to “Building Bracing 101”

  1. james Says:

    for a big project like this do you order most of the bricks online?

  2. WesleyandChristy Higgins Says:

    Do you use all new bricks, even for these unseen brace supports?

    When you are quoting large projects like this, do you charge per brick? per project? do you charge for your quote/draft? do you do a digital file on the project first?

  3. Mariann Asanuma Says:

    Yes, I use all new bricks for my models. On occasion I sometimes use older bricks for the interior where it can’t be seen, but very rarely as I get my new bricks in large quantities.

    I get my bricks just like everyone else — the LEGO store, LEGOLAND, and online.

    • WesleyandChristy Higgins Says:

      You may want to private message me, but I was wondering about how you determine pricing on projects like this. I was recently featured in a newspaper article about my hobby and it has resulted in contacts from area businesses wanting me to build and sell a copy of their building in LEGO.

  4. LEGO Perot Museum of Science and Nature « Modelbuildingsecrets's Weblog Says:

    […] was also the problem with a third of the second floor “floating” which I mentioned in Building Bracing 101. Both the walkways and the curved roof were engineering problems I had to solve to make the model […]

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