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Darth Vader and Amidala Wedding Cake Topper

August 27, 2011

The words Darth Vader, flowers, and wedding don’t often come together, but in this instance they make perfect sense. πŸ™‚

On the heels of my earlier Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper, or more accurately because of it, I was asked to create the iconic symbol of the Dark Side Darth Vader and his lovely bride Queen Amidala standing in a field of flowers.

Vader and Amidala on Flower Patch 1a

Okay, so Anakin married Amidala before he became Lord Vader, but heck Vader’s cooler than Anakin any day. πŸ˜€

I really wish the picture showed Vader better, but I still don’t know how to properly capture a black model. Even with extra lighting, it still mainly looks like a lot of black and you can’t see all the very cool details.

Vader and Amidala on Flower Patch 2

Even so, I can say that I’m much happier with my version versus the official on that is on display at LEGOLAND California


Although I have to admit I didn’t design the Vader helmet, that credit goes to my brother Mike Asanuma who also made the Stormtrooper helmet. He made both quite a while ago, and then challenged me to make the bodies. It just took me a while, and a request from clients, to get around to it. πŸ˜‰


August 27, 2011

I think we all have to agree that the new face clingers from Alien Conquest sets is awesome. I immediately wanted several, although I only have 1 at the moment (but I’m accepting donations — just kidding πŸ˜‰ )

Anyhow, back to the post, when I saw Karf Oohlu’s latest creation and the story that goes along with it, it made me rethink of the face clingers as the menaces they are portrayed to be. πŸ˜€


The day Grxzz always feared had arrived. Rumours of…HUMANS…seen wondering in the area. They’d always been a horror fantasy, something you used to scare the kids. But now, it seems they’re here, Quivering down to the very ends of his tentacles, he really wished he’d waited for others to arrive before coming out here – alone…

That’s not to say that I’m not impressed with the building techniques. The use of the Clickits elements — a theme that wasn’t so good, but elements that were, in my opinion — as mushroom tops is very cool.

Poor little Grxzz, all by himself searching for humans. Of course as he is a face clinger he could always just grab hold of them and take over their brains, at least that is what they did in Futurama. πŸ˜€

LEGO Buildings at the National Building Museum

August 25, 2011

During the end of my BrickFair Trip (after the convention) I was able to visit Washington D.C. for a couple of day. It just happened that Adam Reed Tucker — LEGO Certified Professional, designer of the LEGO Architecture sets, and founder of BrickWorld in Chicago, has a display of LEGO Architecture (what a surprise πŸ˜€ ) at the National Building Museum.


So since I was in the area, I decided I’d check it out. πŸ™‚

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the donation box, a replica of the museum.

There’s even a model of the model in the model, how meta.

A huge banner showed some of the models

Adam made the famous “Corncob” Marina City apartments of Chicago.

Jin Moa Tower (and a building I can’t remember the name of)

Falling Water (without the water πŸ˜‰ )

The models are on display till September 9th. But unfortunately during the recent earthquake on the East Coast a couple of the models suffered minor damage.

Unlike most of my buildings, Adam’s models are all unglued. But, since they are LEGO they “can and will be repaired.” πŸ˜‰

If you can’t get to D.C. you can see all of the models on my Baltimore and D.C. set on Flickr.

Jurrasic Prank

August 24, 2011

Jurrasic Prank

This may not really be a model, but this cute little comic by designholic* sure is fun. πŸ™‚

Arrested Development in LEGO

August 23, 2011

Full Scene

Matt De Lanoy (aka Pepa Quin) has created yet another TV show in LEGO. This time its Arrested Development.

Matt has gotten a lot of attention for his creations and this one is no exception. The website Funny or Die has it featured on their website. (Warning to parents — Funny or Die is known to have inappropriate content.)

I don’t really know the show that well, but Matt is a friend of mine and I’m sure he’s put as much attention to detail with this one as he has his other creations. And the fact that a non-LEGO website is featuring it shows that other’s are impressed as well.

Great job yet again Matt! πŸ™‚

Evil slug-turtle things

August 22, 2011


They may be simple, but these “evil slug-turtle things” as Trooperguy calls them, shows what just a handful of parts can turn into.

I don’t know why I like these, I just do. πŸ˜‰

This is The Yetee

August 20, 2011

This is The Yetee

Chris McVeigh has created this adorable creature of the north to promote his new website

I’m not sure what to think of the current shirt he’s selling, but I love the LEGO model. πŸ™‚

Hailfire Hamster

August 16, 2011

Hailfire Hamster

He may be a hamster, but make no mistake, he’s one tough cookie!

I totally love this Hailfire Hamster model created by Tim Inman. The cuteness factor is only outweighed by the giant guns on its back.

Hailfire Hamster
I wonder what the pilot thinks about as he’s operating it. πŸ˜€

BrickFair 2011 Recap

August 15, 2011

Well, I’ve now gotten another LEGO Convention under my belt. This was the farthest one for me, I can’t go any further, at least not in the Continental U.S.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. My first impression — big! As BrickFair is held at a convention center rather than a hotel, there was a lot more space. Its not nearly in the realm of Comic Con of course, but still, there was plenty of space. Speaking of Space, that was the theme of the convention. πŸ˜‰


What I loved about coming to BrickFair was that I got to meet a whole new set of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO). Some of them I knew online, but not in real life.

LEGO premiered the Winter Post Office. It was really nice to see it in person and made me want to get it that much more. I like the printed banjo tile, the details of the Post Office, and all the fun elements.

There were some really impressive models that stood out to me. In no particular order:
Temple of Tan Tiger by Infomaniac

Bionicle Seahorse by Mike Nieves

We Rule by Sabrina Gravatt

Serpent Ruins by Seircon and Coral

Sorcerer Mickey by Mark Staffa

I took a whole bunch of photos at this one, over 800, which I still haven’t fully gone through. Feel free to check out the full BrickFair set on Flickr.

I’m already planning on going back next year. And I just booked my flight to BrickCon. I don’t know if I can do more than 4 LEGO Cons a year. I’d love to check out all of them, but I honestly don’t know how Jim Foulds does it. Just going to these four, on top of all my regular work (if you can call what I do regular) was certainly a stretch on my time and energy. As far as I can tell BrickCon is the last one for this year, but each year there seems to be more and more.

Even with the lack of sleep, I love going to LEGO Cons and BrickFair was certainly a wonderful trip! πŸ˜€

BrickFair 2011 and other LEGO Cons

August 10, 2011

Going BrickFair 2011!

Well, BrickFair 2011 is over and done with. As I am still on the East Coast and in a hotel, I can’t download all my personal photos of BrickFair quite yet –trust me, I have quite a few. πŸ˜‰

But I did want to at least post my thoughts on the event. This was my first time to this particular event and so far, the farthest East that I’ve gone for a LEGO Convention before. I’ve been to the East Coast before, but not to this particular area.

The thing I like about going to new LEGO Cons is meeting people that you’ve never met before. Now, it’s wonderful to see all your friends of course, in fact LEGO Cons are pretty much the only time I see them in person depending on where they live in relation to me. But I also really love making new friends. πŸ™‚

Going to a convention so far from home I didn’t know what to expect. I always have fun at LEGO Cons, you can’t help but not have fun. But you never know what the area will be like, if there are good food accomidations with in walking distance, if a car is needed, or how far from the actual cities or landmarks you will be.

Now that I’ve been to 4 different conventions I’ve learned a few things. LEGO Cons can be expensive, especially when you are so very far from home. When going to a Con expect to spend betwen $800-$1000 for the whole trip minimum — and that doesn’t include the LEGO you buy. That only covers the plane ride or gas for your car, food, and hotel accomidations. If you can share car rides and/or hotel rooms do it, the trip is expensive enough without you having to pay the full price for where you will stay or how you get around.

Bricks by the Bay is the easiest for me to get to, as it is in Northern California and only about an 8-9 hour drive away. I could fly, but with its reltive closeness, I don’t see the need. So for me, I can bring my larger MOCs (My Own Creations) with out too much problems. Depending on where you live the Con may be close or very far away.

BrickWorld is by Chicago, but in the city. It is in fact in Wheeling, Illinos which is 40 minutes north of downtown Chicago. By mistake I flew into the wrong airport, there are two in the area. Fly in to O’Hare if you want to get there. The other one is just too far away any you don’t want to pay the taxi or shuttle fee.

BrickWorld does have resturants within walking distance but they run on the high to expensive side. My best recommendation is either be friends with someone with a car or bring lots of snacks from home so you don’t have to spend all your money on food.

I admit, I prefer to travel on the cheaper side. And even though I like to support the hotel that partners with the LEGO Cons, sometimes the price of the rooms are just too expensive. Its all a matter of convenience versus expense. It is really nice to just go down the elevetor to the convention, but if there is a cheaper alternative nearby and it is within walking distance or I have a car I will probably choose that option.

BrickCon is set at the Seatlle Center right in the heart of downtown. Both food and hotels are within walking distance. The first time I went I drove and stayed near by. Last year I stayed with a friend that lives in the area and rented a car. I was a little farther away, but I could still get around.

Oh, and that is another tip I have for you. If you can, come in on Wednesday to a Con and leave on Monday. I know not everyone can do this, but if you can add a day before and after the actual con, it is easier. Plus if you have any flight delays or unexpected situations pop up, you still have time to get to the Con. Staying an extra day after the Con helps mainly because if you are anything like me, you want to hang out with your friends as long as possible which means late, late nights. That extra day helps you recooperate for all the lost sleep.

I guess I’m lucky in that respect as going to LEGO Cons is part of my job. I don’t go to one now unless I’m a vendor there, because for me, I simply can’t afford it otherwise. And since I own my own business I can take that extra day or two during my trip.

In fact the reason I haven’t posted much since BrickFair ended was that I extended my stay in the area for a few days so I could actually see some of this area. I was in Baltimore yesterday and I’m in D.C. today. Getting the chance to see this nation’s Capitol was an opportunity I wasn’t about to pass up. Plus, now I’ve got much more building ideas to keep for a later date.

BrickFair itself I will cover in a later post, most likely in a day or two when I finally get back home. So for now I’ll sign off. πŸ˜‰