Remembering 9 / 11


Its a couple days late, but that’s what happens when there’s a massive power outage in a good portion of the Southwest.

For the tenth anniversary of 9/11 I didn’t want to remember the tragedy. I wanted to remember the Patriotism and the spirit of unity that grew from that terrible day. So I could think of no better subject for a mosaic than the Raising the Flag at Ground Zero.

Remembering 9 11 a

It was one of my most complicated mosaics ever, mainly because it was a real picture. I was also watching a lot of the programs about 9/11 as I was building it so it was a very emotional model for me to create.

To think of all those people that lost their lives and all those who spent months on the rubble that was Ground Zero, it changed everyone including me.

You can see more images on my Flickr set.

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6 Responses to “Remembering 9 / 11”

  1. Ronnie Libra Says:

    An interesting day for sure. Very sad. The world has become a different place since then.

  2. Gert-Jan van Vorst (@vorstenrijk) Says:

    Nicely done!

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