New and Improved Brick Tool!


Brand New Debricking Tool

Fresh out of Billund.  The brand new debricking tool.  It’s smaller.  Streamlined down to about the footprint of a 2 x 10 plate.  There are many notable new features.


There is a technic axle pusher for removing those stubbornly embedded axles.  There are of course the standard top and bottom brick removing configurations.


Also new is the pointed wedge at the back end of the lever, very useful for popping tiles and splitting plates that the other end can’t.  It basically doubles as an ABS thumbnail.  It’ll do whatever you would do with your thumbnail without ruining your manicure.


Lastly, another nice added feature is the jumper plate offset in the underside, allowing the removal of jumper plates that the previous version of the tool could not handle.

11 Responses to “New and Improved Brick Tool!”

  1. Johan Says:

    So when and where will they start selling theese?

  2. O novo Brick Separator | Mão de ABS - Mais que um Blog! Says:

    […] Model Building Secrets. Tweet brick separator, jumpers, peças Nome Email […]

  3. Purple Dave Says:

    I never had any problems getting the old version to work on regular tiles, since you could always position them the same way you would for a plate, and then push down and in on the handle. The bottom edge will catch the groove on the tile and lever it up. If they needed it to work better, all they would have had to do is move the vertical wall back enough that there would be room for a ridge at the bottom. On a plate, the ridge would contact the base when the sockets are attached to the studs. On a tile where there are no studs, you could push it farther in and the ridge would slip under the tile edge.

  4. Euphreana Says:

    I like this new version; everything a butter knife does and better! Any word on availability? 😀

  5. Fabjoueauxlego Says:

    I’ve never heard about such a tool ! It can be very usefull for worldwild lego fans 😉

  6. Andertoons Says:

    Any idea when they’ll start selling these? I’ve got baseplates covered in tiles that my poor fingernails are scared of.

    • Mariann Asanuma Says:

      I think they will start popping up in sets at the start of 2012. I know for a fact that there is one in the Mini Modular Buildings set.

      But in the mean time, you can always use the crowbar or wrench element that comes in many LEGO Games sets. The narrow tip on the end is similar to the new brick separator’s end. 😉

    • Purple Dave Says:

      If you don’t want to wait that long, you can always use the Type A Tile Remover Tool, or the Type B Tile Remover Tool. More conventionally, they’re referred to as the Minifig Combo Wrench and the Minifig Crowbar. Both have a flat, screwdriver-shaped end that’s useful for getting under the tile edge and popping it up, plus they’re narrow enough that you can rip up a 1-wide strip of tiles that’s embedded between other pieces on both sides.

  7. polywen Says:

    Confirmed that it’s in the mini modular set, which is due out in January… so January?

  8. koetjhink Says:

    This is what ive been waiting for. everytime i part out my sets, my finger nails always broken. Thanks for the info.

  9. Rosco Says:

    The new version is very nice, however it has one drawback – the angle it tilts up at is quite a bit smaller than the old one. This means if you’re removing (for example) a large plate from a larger plate, the clearance you have to push down is much smaller, which can make the removal harder.

    But overall an improvement I think 🙂

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