Minifig Talk Bubbles


Something new, and a kind of interesting is a product called LEGO Minifigure Speech Bubbles

I’m still not sure what to think of this. At $9.99 its not too expensive and it is available at Toy R US and other retailers.

Here’s the product details:

Create a scene and start a conversation between your LEGO MiniFigures with the LEGO MiniFigure Speech Bubbles. Each set includes 24 Speech Bubbles that can be connected to your MiniFigures to make it look like they are talking. Attach the stickers with pre-printed sayings or use the included stencil to make your own messages. Comes with one Lego MiniFigure to add to your collection!

The LEGO MiniFigure Speech Bubbles includes:
1 LEGO MiniFigure
24 Speech Bubbles in different colors and shapes
12 Pre-Printed Sayings
24 Blank Stickers
1 Stencil to make your own messages

To me it would have been better if they had all been clear and not in red, yellow or blue. I can see uses of it in creating a comic, but you could easily do that on Photoshop. But we will see. Who knows, it may be the next big thing.

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3 Responses to “Minifig Talk Bubbles”

  1. David Simmons Says:

    I agree about all of them being clear as well. Will be great for stop-motion film and comic makers. Should also be great for caption contests and vignettes.

    • Purple Dave Says:

      As Mariann just pointed out, though, for still photos at least, it would be much easier to just shop a speech bubble into the image. It would also be less expensive, as the cost of operating a computer long enough to do that is unlikely to exceed the cost of buying new sticker stock, and it would probably be much quicker than having to remove old stickers, cut new ones, and attach the speech bubble accessories onto existing minifigs.

      For stop-motion, yeah, I can see that it could be a huge time-saver, since you wouldn’t need to pull out a handful of images and shop the same caption into each one, especially if the minifig is moving and you’d need to be able to have the speech bubble follow them. But that is still something where you’d have the option of adding speech text digitally if you didn’t feel like going this route (or do it the old-timey silent movie way and do entire speech frames).

      The one thing that these are perfectly suited for that can’t be handled on a computer is adding speech to a static display. Some clubs may add them to their layouts, and others might not, but I guarantee these will start to pop up at conventions, even if you can only find one or two instances where people decided to use them. Heck, one other possible use for them is when people mount minifigs on top of their brick badges.

  2. Purple Dave Says:

    You can’t photoshop speech bubbles into a layout, which is one thing that these are perfectly suited to do. Also, you do get a full set of clear along with the red/yellow/blue versions.

    Anyways, I bought a pack of these last weekend (haven’t opened them yet), and one of the more curious things I noted was that the photos on front and back appear to be of prototype versions. Note that the “thought” and “shouting” bubbles both have sticker pockets that are shaped to match the outer edge, where the final product all have clean ovals in the middle. The reason for this change is made obvious by the photos, where all of the stickers are shaped to fit a specific style of bubble, but two of the stickers on the back are standard Speech on either Shout or Thought bubbles, and they don’t lay flat like they should. The redesign eliminates that issue by standardizing the sticker shape into just left/right versions. Also, on the back photo, there’s one guy with a green Speech bubble, which evidentally got replaced with the clear versions that don’t appear in any of the package photos.

    Oh, and while I still haven’t opened my pack yet, it seems that there’s one unfortunate issue with this design. The neck flange sticks out so far before it folds up into the bubble that it won’t work very well with minifig magnet bases. Especially not the new glued ones. It also won’t work with certain types of headgear, like the Native American feather headdress, and some of the non-human Jedi heads and headgear. A stock Buzz Lightyear and any Toy Story characters that aren’t built around a minifig torso are also incompatible. I’ve got a ton of minifigs on my fridge, including all five current series of Collectibles, and I think the only one that could actually wear the speech bubble is Godzilla (I had to mount him _waaay_ forward on the magnet to accomodate the tail), whose headgear and tail are designed to encapsulate the minifig head. The only way to add a speech bubble is between the head and tail, which would then prevent the head from nesting inside the tail’s neck bracket.

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