Table Scrap Water Pump


Sometimes a LEGO model isn’t big or complex. It’s just a hand full of parts assembled in a clever way.

Water Pump

This water pump created by legomocs.’s is a great example of this. With only 8 parts (10 if you count the bucket) the pump is accurate and yet so simple.

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4 Responses to “Table Scrap Water Pump”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Very nice and simple!

  2. Purple Dave Says:

    I can only come up with seven pieces (sans bucket), but I can’t figure out for sure what one of them is. The four red parts are immediately obvious, as is the Exo-bot claw. There’s a half-pin attaching the tap to the angle connector, which is six parts. And then I’d guess the seventh is a piece of flex tube holding the angle connector to the headlight brick, since I can’t think of any other way to do that, but neither can I rule out the possibility that this person thought of something that I didn’t.

    Personally, I think I’d omit the headlight brick and replace it with a red full bushing attached by a #2 axle (probably red as well, so it wouldn’t show through the slots on the bushing), and that could then just be plugged into the gap between four studs.

    It’s too bad they don’t make the Exo-bot claw in red, but a possible solution to that is to jam a red minifig hand into a bit of flex tube that’s cut down to a one-stud length, which should ten fit into the angle connector. Getting that bit of flex tube back out will be almost impossible, but you can always check the look by just posing the hand without the bit of tube.

  3. Ralph Says:

    Reblogged this on Ralph's Galaxy.

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