Crazy Arms


Crazy Arms promo 2

Have you seen V&A Steamworks Crazy Arms?

I have always loved minifigs and customizing.

Although if you wanted a more dynamic arm position, you are a somewhat restricted or in need of jury rigging some flex tubing to get the job done.

I just finished a batch of these custom arms and have them now available for folks to use. The replacement ‘Crazy Arms’ are highly engineered in that they accept the existing hands perfectly ( they click right in ) and POP in the existing torsos with a nice click. They can easily be swapped and changed out.

They come in Black, Cocoa, and Eggshell White.

I may also run some additional custom colors soon.

Details on ordering a set for yourself are on his Photostream

Just like his Stovepipe Hats these are custom made and only available from the man himself.
New Stovepipe Hats for sale NOW!

Unless you are going to Bricks by the Bay. 😉

Guy gave me a whole set of both his Stovepipe Hats and his Crazy Arms that will be available at my booth for sale 🙂

Hats will be $3 and a pair of Crazy Arms is $5. Come on by and get some for yourself.


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One Response to “Crazy Arms”

  1. yoda archives Says:

    Those are cool. The hats are neat butI could really use some arms for my minis.

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