Each uisge


Each uisge 1

Gabriel Thomson has created a very interesting model based off an ancient myth

The Each Uisge is a variation on the Scottish legend of the Kelpie, or water horse. They are dangerous, shape-shifting water spirits that appear to people as either a magnificent white horse, or a very handsome man. In horse-shape, they will entice riders onto thier backs. However once mounted, their skin becomes adhesive and the rider cannot escape – the Each uisge will then carry thier victim into the water, drown them and eat their flesh. A popular scottish myth concerns a blacksmith who lost his daughter in this way and vowed revenge. He and his son fashioned huge hooks which they then embedded in a sheep carcass. They then chained the carcass to the ground near the waters edge, and roasted the meat over a fire, heating the embedded hooks red hot. Drawn to the smell of the roasting meat, the Each uisge appeared and took the bait, and was in this way was caught and ambushed by the men. After a battle that raged throughout the night, the blacksmith killed the water spirit, which melted into a puddle of pink slime by daybreak.

See, not only do you get to learn about a cool LEGO model, you get to learn mythology as well. 😉


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