AFOL Heather Braaten (aka “LEGOgirl”) is Missing


Normally I like to keep this blog a happy, worry free place, but this is too important not to post.

Fellow female LEGO Fan and friend Heather Braaten is missing!
Heather Braaten (aka "LEGOgirl") is Missing

Lino of Lugnuts fame had this to say

Her name is Heather Braaten and went by HeatherLEGOgirl here online. A couple months ago she removed her flickr, facebook, and MOCPages profiles but now her mother had called me this morning stating that she was missing and has been since last Tuesday. Police are on the search but her family would like to know her whereabouts any way possible. Here is a photo of her.

If anyone knows her whereabouts or knows when you contacted her last, please chime in here. And if Heather you are out there, please let us know. You have a lot of people worried about you, honey.

Any knowledge of her well being would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


Heather, if you are out there and reading this, please at least contact your parents. And know that we of the LEGO community that know you love and miss you!

If any of you know anything about Heather please contact the Seattle Police.


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